Founded by Gustaf Lindqvist in 2020 for the love to a great story and deeper meaning that games can give you.

Welcome to us at A Bit Ago Studio! We're a passionate indie game studio based in Sundsvall, Sweden. Our mission is to create unforgettable gaming experiences and foster a collaborative, inclusive environment that thrives on diverse perspectives from our people, customers, and partners.

Our tight-knit community is built on the core values of curiosity, open-mindedness, and equality. This combination of talent and principles empowers us to produce exceptional work, while nurturing creativity and innovation.

At our studio, we're dedicated to maintaining a diverse and inclusive workspace, where every individual feels valued and respected. We believe that embracing our differences allows us to tap into the full potential of our team and create a greater impact in the indie gaming world.

Together, we're not just building games - we're creating captivating worlds and inspiring others to chase their dreams. Join us on this incredible journey, and let's make magic together.

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